It’s Not Rocket Science…!!

Liz-and-Tal_174newOk, so, the Outlaw President has decreed that if he doesn't get everything that he wants, he will throw your basic children's tantrum and take all of his toys away so we can't play with them. Take the funding of his executive amnesty, he has said if he receives the budget for Homeland Security in several sections so as to be selective in what is funded and what isn't, he will veto the bill and the republicans will be responsible for shutting down that department. This is typical democrat logic; he will veto the bill, but the republicans will be blamed..!??

Now that the House has passed their version of the bill to not fund the president's executive amnesty, it moves on to the senate. There is already speculation that there are not enough votes to pass the bill; that there may be a need to persuade at least six democrat senators to vote with republicans to send the bill to the president. Then, there are republicans who for one reason or another, may not vote for the bill themselves. Evidently, these republicans may be believing the liberal media that their chances of being re-elected may become more difficult if they choose to vote in favor of not funding the executive amnesty. They refuse to believe that most of the nation do not support this immigration reform nonsense. Even Hispanic citizens, in the majority, are not in support of reforming our immigration laws. These knucklehead republican senators are not listening to the American public. Nor do they realize those Hispanic American citizens who are supporting heavily the executive amnesty are mainly those who follow extremist Latino organizations like LULAC and La Raza. These people are not considered the voice of the American Latino citizen.

Now, with the difficulty the republican senators may have in passing their version of not funding the executive amnesty, the majority leader, Sen McConnell, may be the main culprit as to not fighting hard enough to help this legislation pass and having it sent to the president's desk. Could his agenda be that of trying to appease to the wishes of outfits like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? These knuckleheads are watering at the mouth of maintaining an endless supply of 'slave labor' in the form of illegal immigrants. Keeping those wages down for a better profit margin; one can't blame a small business for trying to do this, however, at what risk to the security of our nation is this to be allowed. And, who better to allow this than the usual suspects, the establishment republican politicians, who pretend to be working for the best interests of America with one hand, but are 'stabbing the American citizen in the back' with the other.

Citizens, much in the same way 11 of the the 12 democrat senators lost their re-election attempts this past November, the purge of these democrat politicians who followed the party line on Obamacare may continue. Add to this albatross around their necks, their having to defend the president's illegal executive amnesty may prove to be too big of a handicap to be ignored by the American voter as well.The democrat senator's president will be on his way to a beautiful and robust private life, but, some of these politicians who are trying to make a career out of their elected offices may want to save their own interests and not bring the wrath of the American voter on themselves regarding how they voted to send the funding bill to the president's desk. After all, 2016 is just around the corner, less than two years to go!!

So, there you have it. The newly-elected republican-controlled congress should send to the president this bill already passed by the House and force him to either sign it or veto it. If he does veto the bill as many suspect, when returned to congress, there, we shall see which congress people and senators will do the right thing for America, or will they continue to ensure Obama's desired legacy will be completed at their political expense?