About The Teapot

Welcome to the sanctuary of another citizen journalist, one more keyboard warrior. We are a voice of one speaking with the voice of many.

This site is simply one more source to offer conservative thought and discussion. If we lived in a perfect world, there would not be a need for information sources such as this. But, since that perfect world doesn't seem to exist, here we are. The liberal national FAKE NEWS media sources seem to believe their liberal beliefs and life styles should be followed by all. But after the arrival of the former president, Barack Hussein Obama, much of the world along with America seemed to be up-side down, in total contradiction compared to millions of us who were raised to the teachings of love of country and respect of the flag and constitution. And who is one of the "founders of the feast", but none other our own president Barack Hussein Obama.

Andrew Breitbart-1969-2012-----R.I.P

The Boiling Teapot is a place heavily conservatively orientated. Perhaps a better description would be that of being guided by the principles of constitutionally conservatism. Many of the articles and postings should be subjected toward that direction of social and political thinking. However, those who wish to debate these principles feel free to do so, but in a civilized and intelligent manner, and please, do not waste everyone's time with conspiracy theories and wild over-the-edge brain droppings. And, we won't ban the use of "colorful language". But, keep in mind there are ladies present.

For the last almost eight years, the news from the national media sources has been submitted to the American public through the filter of political correctness. It wasn't until the arrival upon the national stage of the political insurgents such as Sen Ted Cruz and power-house business man, Donald Trump, that the grip of political correctness to control the truth being submitted to the American public began to slip significantly. Hopefully, the information deriving from this site will supplement the efforts by these Americans in informing those who continue to be misguided by an administration whose policies are being promoted with lies and mis-information.