About The Teapot

Is it just me, citizens, or does anyone else here wonder where is the America most of us grew up in? Granted, it wasn't perfect,but,this level of divisiveness and anger and, well, hatred that permeates the atmosphere around us is like nothing I can remember, and I grew up in the 60's. Remember, the 60's brought us the Viet Nam conflict and periods of violent protests about it, mostly at colleges and universities. In the 70's, the usual
republican/democrat political battles brought down a sitting president. But, that was Nixon's own fault. In the 80's, we have the seriousness of the
middle east violent activity and the first signs of Iran wanting to dominate the area. The only thing standing in its way was Iraq and Sadam Hussein. With all that going on, President Ronaldas Magnus was able to bring down a 'Wall' and the communist Soviet Union. all without firing a shot. He personally made the world the safest it had been in 30 years.
The 90's were rather mild, relatively speaking, with a democrat president. Oh, there was that Bosnian conflict that didn't really amount to much in the way of devoting military resources as had been in the Gulf War. It seems the only thing that stands out is the tragedy in Waco and the domestic terror attack in Oklahoma City, besides the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
Then, we come to the time period where it seems this state of highly-partisan politics between the republican and democrat parties began, caused by the closeness of the 2000 presidential election between George W Bush and Al Gore...recall the expression "hanging chad", referring to manually recounting the voting cards in Florida. After a length of time, the decision of who won the election was left up to the supreme court, who ruled that Bush had won. The nation's political landscape hasn't been the same since. From the moment he took office, George W was continually battered and insulted and denigrated by the leftist/democrats, much in the same manner as President Trump is today. The 9-11 attacks allowed the nation to come together somewhat on a common cause to hunt down those involved in the attacks, but the togetherness didn't last for very long. After a pause, the political divisions began to widen further after some questionable political decisions by Bush on the second Iraq war and taxes. Then, came the great economic disaster of 2008, blamed on Bush, but whose causes were instigated years before in the mortgage industry. The point being, the Bush administration was seen as at fault and the democrats took advantage to win the 2008 presidential election with Obama.
Needless to say, the divisions in various sections of the country and identity politics revved up in intensity as never before with the leftist agenda of Obama. Organizations such as the Tea Party, made up of strong conservative thinking Americans, rose to stop the "Transformation of American" policies pushed by the Obama white house. Various laws of the nation, from immigration to national health care, were modified illegally by Obama and his executive orders, giving him the character of being a 'lawless president'. The battle to stop Obama was seen as coming from an obstructionist congress and senate, which, the democrats and liberal news media would label as racist for the only reason for doing so against a black president.
It appeared that anytime there was a disagreement with an Obama decision, the reasons were accused by his allies in the senate and congress and liberal media as being racist or homophobic or sexist or whatever.

Andrew Breitbart-1969-2012-----R.I.P