Creeeeepy Joe Biden-A Synopsis

How many here are like me, knowing full well that in November, when the time comes, my vote for President Trump will probably be cancelled out by the vote from some America-hating leftist nut job for Creeeeepy, Hiden Joe Biden? Hence, something has to be done to rectify the situation. What a task it would be if each one of us tried to change the mind of just one of these knuckleheads away from their hell-bent following of leftists in their "Transformation of America" agenda. Hell, it's basically impossible for anyone to even talk to these radicals, anyone not agreeing with them is accused of wanting to continue with what they perceive as some sort of culture of "systemic racism". "Systemic racism", what the hell is that anyway? Is that anything like "institutional racism", a phrase coined by civil rights activist, Stokley Carmichael? Well, that topic is for another time and place.
What we must set out to do is to use every bit of political energy we have to counter that of what the democrats have done by setting out to employ the marxist BLM and their partners in crime, antifa, to label President Trump and anyone who supports him as racists and oppressors. Democrats claim they have the solutions to correct the sins of America's history of slavery, but, when one really thinks about it, the democrat party can not afford to fix anything related to racism. And that is because that is their ace in the hole of trying to win elections and arguments of social and cultural issues. Never mind that accusing others of racism is merely their attempt to deflect what is the truth of the history of slavery in America, that it was the democrat party and their supporters who in the days of early America endorsed slavery, simple as that.
But, let's not forget why we are here in the first place. There is that American voter who is on the fence of trying to decide who to elect into the white house. The notion is rather difficult to comprehend that people actually believe Joe Biden is qualified and competent to take on the most difficult job in the world as President of these United States. And that notion is based on what, that they hate President Trump so much they would prefer to give control of the U.S. government to a person the likes of Joe Biden, who would be completely manipulated and controlled by the radical leftists of the democrat party? Or, could that notion be based on the fact that as in the 2008 election year, these voters who are still undecided are not being given the opportunity of having 'Hiden Joe Biden' properly vetted by the FAKE NEWS media, and there may lay the problem?
For the sake of simplicity, let's go with the notion that the FAKE NEWS media is purposely going out of its way to protecting the ever Creeeeepy, Hidin Joe Biden from the public. This could be construed as the media lying to the American voter by not reporting on the truth regarding the democrat candidate. For those yet undecided as to how they will vote in November, this is extremely critical. For that reason, this article is being created, and hopefully shared to as many as possible on the chance that one voter still in the process of deciding for whom to vote will see it, and it will sway their decision away from Hidin Biden.

The Truth about Joe Biden's Lies

So, let's begin the vetting of democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Where do we start? Well, on a recent Hannity program, he went through a list of archived issues any of which should have disqualified Biden from serving in the white house. Of course, the CNN's and the MSNBC's and the ABC's and others are hardly, if at all, going to give these issues any air time. And it is of no significance from where this data is resourced, facts are facts, whether they are reported on Hannity or CNN's Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. So, let's go and see how he, in the past, has presented himself in one of the presidential election years that he ran. Not much has changed about him and his tendency to stretch the truth...

As the man states at the end of this video clip which was filmed over 25 years ago, "the voters are going to have to decide whether he (Joe Biden) is just dishonest or dumb." How relevant that sentiment remains today for those who are claiming to support Creeeeepy Joe Biden.

Joe Biden---The Segregationist

Speaking about those voters who are claiming to support Joe Biden in November, let's turn our attention to the Black American voter. The purpose of this article was to attempt to reach those persons who are un-decided as yet how they are going to cast their vote. But what is and remains a mystery today is how the Black American would even consider voting for Joe Biden if they were well aware of his racist views in the past and present. First of all, Biden's views regarding busing are well documented, totally in line with his fellow segregationist compatriots in congress. It is very disturbing to various democrat voters of today. Take a few minutes to listen to several in his party in this video filmed about a year ago who found it difficult to accept Biden as the possible presidential nominee...

If his views on busing were not enough, consider what Joe Biden said at one time about integration, or "orderly integration". This is coming from the democrat presidential candidate. Anyone who is still trying to convince themselves today that America needs Joe Biden in the white house, what would they think, especially if they are Black, if they were aware of his hard core dedication toward segregation. Obviously, if President Trump held these same beliefs, the FAKE NEWS media would be reporting on it 24/7 and twice on Sunday. But, since it is Biden, the main stream media is protecting him at all costs. So, let's have the gentleman in the following video clip explain why he is having a difficult time accepting "Hidin Biden" as the democrat presidential candidate, knowing now of Biden's racist history. It is important to note that the guy in the video clip is no fan of Joe Biden, obviously, no fan of President Trump, however, his dislike for both candidates may force him to vote for Kanye West, who knows?

Hopefully by now, that person who is reading this article who is undecided how they are going to vote in November is really starting to seriously consider if a Joe Biden administration would be what would benefit America. Obviously, a die-hard leftist/democrat is voting for Biden no matter what. Their ideology has them nailed to that political thinking regardless of how their radical agenda affects American citizens. However, what about the undecided citizens, how would they feel about the Biden Crime Bill that was passed and signed by President Bill Clinton? This was a bill that Hillary Clinton herself did not approve. Political activist and house representative, Bobby Rush, one of the founders of the Black Panther party in Illinois, signed the bill and has since regretted supporting it. Biden's idea of inner-city, born-out-of-wedlock youths turning into "super predators" was just a myth, said to try to justify the crime bill's demand for mass incarceration. What the Black voter must realize is that the Biden Crime bill did so much to perpetuate "systemic racism" through the call for mass incarceration, as stated by Eric Levitz in his article, "Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was? Perhaps many younger Black Americans don't know who Joe Biden was in the past, but after reading some of this article, they will become aware of his racist history, and quite frankly, much of that history has evolved into his current political mentality.

Joe Biden---The Racist

Now, to continue with the task of trying to motivate the thinking of just one American who is still undecided for whom to vote for president and convince them to vote for President Trump. To those people, let's pose the following question: How would you feel if you had heard President Trump utter the 'N'-word at anytime, today, yesterday, or 30 years ago? There are those who believe there exists video evidence of Donald Trump doing that very thing, and they have been searching all possible areas for the last five or so years hoping to find anything that would substantiate those accusations, but to date, nothing has been found. And, without a doubt, whatever the context of him saying the 'N'-word, for whatever the reason or event, the FAKE NEWS media would be broadcasting that evidence 24-7 until November 3 to be used against his being re-elected.
Now, let's switch this scenario, let's go to those people who are and have been democrat voters for years, especially Black Americans who vote democrat because many of them have been programmed to vote that way. It is almost impossible for them to vote for President Trump and republicans because of how the democrat party has painted the GOP as advocates for racist issues. Much of this racist outlook of the republican party as accused by democrats is the result of the usual process of liberals who can not factually win an argument with a conservative, that is, if a conservative disagrees with a liberal, conservatives are constantly labeled as racists. To a liberal, there can be no other reason why they lose debates on various social or cultural issues.
But what if a democrat, say a democrat like Joe Biden, said things of a racist nature over 30 years ago, while doing a simple thing as reading a document at a congressional hearing? Now, to keep it in context, he was reading the document of what someone else said, using the 'N'-word various times. He expressed no compassion or consideration as he read the document as written. It is highly doubtful President Trump would have read this document directly uncensored as Biden did. The point being, Joe Biden has received support from various influential Black democrat leaders who somehow overlook the fact of the racist background and mentality of Joe Biden, even when he expresses that trait so clearly as he does in the video below, but because President Trump is a republican, he has to be a racist. Apparently, as stated by the narrator in this vedio, democrats do not have to live by the same rules that they apply to republicans.

Regarding how there are those who are demanding for some sort of social and cultural change to take place, one would think that they would be very sensitive and critical as to the presidential candidate who would be getting their vote come November. President Trump is constantly being labeled by his political enemies as being racist and being a "white supremacist" bigot, but, where is the proof that this is the case? All the years that Donald Trump was being the respected business man the country and the world has grown to know, being a racist was never associated with his character. Even some Black rappers would state in their music that "they wanted to be just like Trump". And yet, today, after constantly being exposed to the Trump-hating narrative of the FAKE NEWS media which spews their racist accusations against the President, without evidence it might be noted, many of those who believe these alleged accusations will be voting for Joe Biden without a second thought. This doesn't seem logical knowing the racist history of the man. The many listed instances of historical proof of Biden's racist past is without question, and yet, many who are voting for him are willing to completely ignore this fact, or they are somehow unaware because of the lack of proper vetting of Joe Biden by the FAKE NEWS. If the ABC's and the NBC's and CBS's of the media did their jobs and properly vetted Biden, many of those still undecided for whom to cast their vote would recognize who Joe Biden truly is politically. It would be possible to say that even many who were deciding to vote for the democrats would seriously reconsider. Burgess Owens, famous pro football player, says in the photo below...

Democrat Party---The Best Racists In The Country

So, as stated at the beginning, hopefully, this article, if read by just one person who is still-undecided how they will vote, will convince them to vote republican. Or, perhaps, it will change the mind of just one person to vote republican who was all set to vote democrat. Hell, there is so much more about the racist past of Joe Biden that could be added here, but, this article is not supposed to be a book, only a post, although a rather lengthy post. But that is the issue here, in order to expose and amplify the racism that guided the political life of the democrat presidential candidate, it can not be done in a fifteen-worded entry on one's facebook page, or on some strictly word-limited Tweet, if one is to give it the proper vetting it deserves. And it further begs the question, why is this vetting of Joe Biden left basically to only one major cable news network and keyboard warriors? (Don't need to answer, it was a rhetorical question).
Finally, to those who are protesting and marching all over the streets of America, claiming their "woke-ness" is having them make their demands of social and cultural change, how is it their claims of "woke-ness" will enable them to ignore the racist history of Joe Biden and they will follow once again the given that they should vote for the democrat party after being told that if they don't vote for Joe Biden, "they ain't Black"? At some point in time, the people of the "woke generation" have got to realize a certain truth, and that is the democrat party has been for decades pushing a lie regarding their supposed great efforts to end "systemic racism", they hardly speak about their lack of effort from their members when it came to passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. And, what it all comes down to, with the help of the gentleman in the video below, this article will be successful in getting that one person who is undecided, or who has decided to vote democrat, it will convince them to change and vote republican.


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