Dem House 2020 Races In Critical Districts

Below is a map of these selected states to see which democrats in 2020 are running in districts won by then candidate Donald Trump in 2016. The drop down list will display who these democrat house members are. Let's put a face on who these people are. Keep in mind almost all of them voted to impeach President Trump.

Recall the 2014 election where democrats lost 9 senate seats to the republicans, mad voter blow-back because of the democrat's strong support for Obamacare, and the low approval numbers of Obama himself. These thirty or so democrat house members are facing a similar challenge. They represent districts who supported Donald Trump in 2016, and now, here they are, having fallen on their party's sword and voted to impeach the President. During the heat of the campaign season later in 2020, one can surely bet this group of democrat candidates is going to do or say anything to save their political lives to come up with some rational reason why
they voted for impeachment. They will probably even lie out their teeth promising to work with President Trump(the senate will not vote to remove the President) should the democrats maintain control of the house.
But once in office, under the heavy hand of their leader, crazy Nancy Pelosi, it is guaranteed that they will continue to be a roadblock to President Trump's agenda, with a continued attempt to harass President Trump with impeachment. The democrats and their fellow Trump-hating associates have created issues that resulted in greater divisions of the country and created vile rancor between various identity groups. Voting for the republicans opposing these thirty or so democrat candidates would go a long way in removing those obstacles and allow President Trump to really move ahead to Making America Great Again.