In just a short 35 seconds, Marxist BLM'er, Cori Bush, managed to create a public relations nightmare for the embattled democrat party.

The dems are in a real mess right now.

They've got this senile buffoon at the "supposed" helm, and his sidekick is one of the most unpopular VP's in U.S. history...not to mention, there's a health and humanitarian disaster at the border, inflation is skyrocketing and crime is soaring.

And speaking of that soaring crime, democrats have been trying to cover up the horrific numbers by laughably claiming it's been the republicans who want to "defund the police".

It was one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen, and of course, it totally backfired.

Especially when you have reps like Cori Bush going on tv and announcing she deserves $200k of "private security" because she has death threats, and her life is so important because she needs to be around so she can fight to "defund the police".

You can't make this stuff up, and you'd almost not believe it actually happened, but luckily, we have it on video.


I am not sure how the dems will spin this one around.

I have a feeling they just hope and pray it goes away quickly.

Well, I doubt that very much...this clip is just too good. It's the commie gift that

keeps on giving.

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