Ten Republican House Members To Primary in 2022

Below is a map that will display the listed states that are the homes of those treacherous, dis-loyal “republicans” who voted for the second impeachment of President Trump. The drop down list will display who these house members are. Let’s put a face on who these people are.

This is one of those mysteries of the universe. How is it members of congress and senate can agree to impeach a president who is a member of their own party based upon highly questionable accusations and charges? Turning against members of their own party seems to be a common practice with republican elected officials. The refusal or failure of GOP congress people and senators to watch each other’s back has been the number one weakness to being able to have greater success in their agenda.

Of course, some of these republicans jump to say that on a vote regarding the impeachment of President Trump and his being accused of inciting an insurrection, they were voting their conscience. Since when are elected officials sent to the nation’s capital, for example, to vote their conscience? They are elected and sent to the state or federal government to do the work of the people, their constituents. On a matter as critical as impeaching a president, that vote has to be the result of much deliberation between the elected officials and the people of their districts or states.
Which brings us to this matter of ten republican house representatives who may have voted their conscience to go along with the corrupted democrats in the house to impeach President Trump. Keep in mind, this impeachment sham is being set in motion even after the president has left office, without the participation of the chief justice of the supreme court. Yet, these ten republicans agreed to vote for impeachment. At the time of the vote, the evidence had not been shown to be conclusive as to the validity of the accusations, but, yet, here we have a group of GOP elected officials voting to put the president through this ridiculous process once again because of the perception, not evidence.

At the time of writing this post, it was the night before the beginning of the impeachment trial in the senate. True, this monkey impeachment would have gone on without the votes of these ten republicans, but because of their votes, the democrats in congress are calling the decision to proceed with impeachment a bipartisan decision. It gives the impression that because these GOP officials were elected, their constituents agree with the impeachment as well, which in reality, that is probably a false conclusion.

So, here we are with the post-Trump republican party comprised of at least seventy-five million voting members, which after a few more months of the America-last agenda of the China Joe Obiden administration, those numbers are bound to grow substantially. Keep in mind, this is the President Donald J. Trump-created republican party, guided with the America First policies, no globalist, elitist RINO’S should bother to join. Hence, we have among that group of republican representatives who voted for impeachment several of these globalist republicans, such as Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger. Cheney was elected the same year as President Trump, but being the daughter of never-Trumper Dick Cheney, his influence was very heavy with his daughter. Illinois representative, Adam Kinzinger on the other hand, rode the wave of the Tea Party in 2010. But now, somehow, the idea of America First has escaped his Tea Party mentality to what it is now, an advocate for impeaching the president who is a member of his party…very sad.

Included with these republican representatives are three Hispanic house members, Jaime Herrera Beutler, David Valadao, and Anthony Gonzalez. It is satisfying to have fellow Latinos elected to these national offices in the republican party. But when they go against 75 million supporters of President Trump, to agree with democrats regarding their unconstitutional impeachment process as they have by voting to impeach the former president, then, it is time to move on with other candidates in these states who have a deeper loyalty for the creator of the America First agenda. For them to blindly accept the validity of the accusations thrown at the President by the democrats without so much as giving the President his due process to disprove those accusations is completely unacceptable and these representatives must be made to pay the price. So sad..

For these republican house members to do what they did voting for impeachment of President Trump shows a complete lack of team work desired by all in the republican party. When will the day come when republicans “act” like democrats when it comes to circling the wagons when one of their members is being attacked by the democrat/leftist mob? It’s such a common sight to see republican elected officials turn on one another during difficult times, something rarely seen when it happens to democrats. But, this democrat scam of an impeachment of President Trump should have been one of those moments for republicans to shine, to show their support of the President and to demonstrate their worthiness of support from that massive seventy-five million voter base commanded by the President. Sadly, it seems these particular reps never learned the principles from President Trump which taught us how to function together to “fight” against all odds and how to try to win for conservatism and the republican party. It is because of this lack of awareness that they voted with their personal conscience instead of the favor of their constituents that we should make it a moral imperative to replace each and every one of them in 2022.