There Has To Be A Reason…

Now, I am about to write something here that may make

one fall on the floor laughing, or perhaps, make someone kind

of smile in agreement as to what they are reading. But, bear with

me here. Back in the day when the Dallas Cowboys played their

games in the old Texas Stadium, remember, that facility had a

roof, but it had right in the middle of the top of the roof a very large square opening

where most of the fans in attendance would be covered by the roof, but the

field would still be subject to the weather conditions. The popular belief was the hole

in the roof was created so that God could watch his favorite team play.

So, what if America can be thought of along those same lines. We could all come up

with dozens of reasons as to why America quite possibly happens to be God's

favorite country. For example, look at the manner of the geophysical make-up of the

land mass. America is bordered north and south by relatively large nations, and two

of the largest oceans on the globe protect her east and west coasts. It was as if the

American main land was deliberately designed so as nothing could threaten her

directly, physically.

Oh, but what of the existence of internal threats. The birth of our constitutional

republic was a very violent act. And that violence continued to threaten her very

survival. Violence in the form of a Civil War, a Great Depression almost transformed

our great republic into something quite unrecognizable to the Founders. But now,

something more sinister has surfaced to substantiate how much effort is required to

maintain the survival of a republic, and that is a powerful and greedy central

government that is self-serving. This type of threat, if not contain in a timely manner,

will almost surely result in the destruction of our republic. But, if America is God's

favorite nation, He will protect her again as He has from other horrendous internal

catastrophes. And this is where I believe, as perhaps others do, at this point of

America's history, the election of Donald Trump as president of these United States

was an act of Divine Intervention.

Allow me to explain.

The Evil Federal Government

Masquerading as some sort of national desire for the re-birth of our nation, the

forces pushing the "transformation of America" agenda to accomplish meeting the

ideals of progressive/leftist sympathizers, have been at work increasing the size and

power and control of the federal bureaucracy to the point of being, well, evil and

corrupted and evolving into an animal not envisioned by the founders of our great

nation. The size and amount of power and control the federal government now

possesses has reached the level of being highly nefarious, shameless and unethical;

yes, basically immoral.

Who Could Defeat Hillary?

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the evil in the DC Swamp would never had been

exposed. Out of all the GOP presidential candidates, was there one who would be

able to withstand the upcoming political battle with the Clinton machine and the

democrat party? Was "Little" Marco Rubio qualified, how about low-energy Jeb Bush,

or could Ted Cruz or any of the other candidates have taken Hillary down in national

debates? The answer is probably an emphatic NO. All the republican candidates were

too conventional, in the mold of a useless Mitt Romney or turncoat-backstabber John


Enter Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump Is No Angel, But..

Most of us here are aware who the archangel Michael was. Besides being tasked as

the guardian of mankind, Michael led God's angelic forces against the armies of

Satan. Conceptually, since they do not deal with humanity directly as angels are

thought to do, the rank of an archangel is of a higher level than that of an angel.

Yeah, it is understandable how difficult it is to think of Donald Trump as an angel of

any order. However, archangels are considerably different from that of a typical

angel. It would seem archangels would have to incorporate into their self a certain

level of immorality to enable them to confront immoral combatants. Consider the

almost impossible task he had before him to not only contest the formidable forces

of the Clinton machine, but now having to constantly do battle with a diabolical

army of haters hell-bent upon destroying him.

While having to confront all this, for lack of a better word, evil, keep in mind what

President Trump's main objective is, and that is to protect the American people

above all else. His task is to not only protect American citizens from the usual

suspects outside the borders of the U.S. who would do us harm, but protect us as

well from a government that has become so large and controlling that it seems we,

the populace, exists to serve it instead of the reverse.

The Moral Imperative of Government

The fact that the nation's government has declared itself all and powerful in recent

years is what defined the 2016 presidential election as so pivital in nature. To

paraphrase from Andrew Klavan's article, "Trump Has Made Our Government More

Moral", government did not come into existence to make our lives equal, but to treat

us equally, government is not there to make life fair, but to treat us all fairly, and

most importantly, government did not appear in reality to create our rights, but to

secure our rights to life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Bureaucrat chiefs

in Washington seemed to have forgotten this concept for whatever reason in the last

serveral years, and this is where the Archangel Donald appears to have been heaven


Klavan goes on to state that "Trump has made our government more moral by

making less of it: fewer regulations, fewer judges who will write law instead of

obeying the law, fewer bureaucrats seeking to expand the power of their agencies..."

It is attributes such as this that defines a government as being moral.

One would think a representative or senator of high virtue and character would

favor the nation's citizens with a limited and less corrupt government, but as we are

well aware, that is not necessarily the case. As Klavan writes, "..if every male senator

in America is grabbing the buttocks of some unsuspecting female, while, at the same

time, voting for more limited and less corrupt government, the senators

are immoral, yes, but, the government is more moral."

Look, we who support and voted for Donald Trump did it because he represents a

total disruption to the swamp that is Washington D.C., he is not a servant to the

globalists, elitists and he is not controlled by the "deep state". President Trump is not

a totally moral man, we all know that, but, he is a good man. He is not an "angel",

but then again, the chances were very possible if he went into the 2016 presidential

campaign believing he had to be seen as an "angel", he would not have won.

Stopping The Transformation of America

But, by the grace of God, an "archangel", Donald Trump, appeared at this juncture

of the history of America. His appearance on the political scene was just in time

since her "transformation", being created by the evil forces of liberals/democrats,

swamp dwellers in Washington, and the "deep state", was reaching the next

level of decadence. Armed with the proper levels of misdeeds, transgressions,

and wickedness, or, in short, immorality, President Trump has been able

to combat these evil forces. By doing so, he has been able to secure from many of

America's citizens their confidence in his leadership resulting from their belief of a

growing sense of moral conduct from America's government leadership.

God bless America.